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Software description

Woodpecker DSC CNC controller

        Uses a high definition color LCD display and has a user friendly interface. It can work offline. It uses a high speed USB 2.0 connector and can transfer at speeds up to 12MB/min. There is an Ethernet connector and a large internal memory, making it easy to download data. The new digital analog converter makes it much easier to change the speed of the spindle via the controller. The controller uses DSC technology, enhancing data processing speed. With a step driver, it can reach speeds up to 7.2 meters per minute. When the job mixes straight lines and arcs, it will make the output very smooth. The new controller has the same previous functions such as cutting at an angle for smoother cuts, power failure memory of the last point, restarting the job at any line, etc… New functions includes Professional modes like “Constant speed cutting”, “2D mode”, “3D mode”, “Custom made mode” (the user can set his own  defined parameters for each kind of job and save it), which is easier to reuse for the future. The new controller has many kinds of high level functions, like “Duplicate Mode”, “Mirror Image Mode”, “Scanning Mode”, “Drilling Mode” *, etc... With the new DSC controller, updates can be made via files that can be downloaded from ROC-MESE website (only for registered end users). Customers can now have the latest software version of the controller without replacing the board.   




Woodpecker ARM Control System

     Since the last century, we released our first Woodpecker machine and now 20 years have passed. From one small, single machine we have now produced a dozen different application machines. Our reputation is now famous among the users of sign making machines with unsurpassed demand for our products. Now the Woodpecker machines once again unifies numeric control science and our years of experience to release an ARM controller sign making machine. The entire machine is now optimized with superior performance and ease of operation, which has moved the Woodpecker engraving machines to a new level.

The new Woodpecker 3D engraving controller system uses 32 bit RISC chip, ARM system and CPLD. Utilizing advanced movement control algorithms, developed by ROC-Mese after our many years of experience. This algorithm results in steadier and faster movement.


1) Large LCD screen – allows for easier operations.

2) Ease of communications – Flash memory, USB, Ethernet (optional), wireless (optional) Can work totally offline or use with a PC.

3) Different capacity flash memory cards – allows for many files to be opened at the same time.

4) Multi-modes – engraving mode, cutting mode, speed priority mode, quality priority mode, specialty mode, etc.

Note: LCD Display comes in 5.7 inches or 3.5 inches.



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