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Anti-counterfeit mark

      Recently, there has been dealers who claim they are selling Woodpecker machines or authorized to sell Woodpecker machines, but in fact they are NOT authorized to do so. (Check our website for the list of official distributors) They are using the Internet, telephone, fax, SMS and other channels to advertise their machines. To protect the consumer’s rights and our company’s interests, we have proclaimed the following:

I. Our company has never sold or produced  non-Woodpecker brands of machines.  Woodpecker is the ONLY brand that is produced by ROC-Mese.

II. When you are buying a Woodpecker machine, please look out for the following


1) On the keyboard and when the machine is turned on, you will see the “Woodpecker” trademark.

2) On the right corner of the machine, you will see the Woodpecker label.

3) On the front of the machine is the model number.

4) On the cover of the spindle is our Woodpecker trademark.  It is embossed into the metal.

5) The Woodpecker trademark is embossed onto the top of the machine, behind the spindle.

6) On the right side of the machine, the Woodpecker trademark is embossed into the metal.

7) On the back of the machine is a small metal plate showing the model number and date of production of the machine.

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