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Key Making Machines

Key Making Machine

Type: VMK 2510

Key machine VMK-2510 is widely used to manufacture keys.

It is perfect for a production line, integrating human labor with machine automation.
VMK-2510 adopts CNC technologies and G coding. It realizes automatic coding of key changes on the basis of a mathematical model, the back algorithm and the selection principle.
    It comes with double high precision spindles with maximum RPM of 24,000, which can work simultaneously to keep products more precise and smooth. The noise level of the spindles is also much lower than ordinary motorized spindles. With an automatic pneumatic clamp, controllable by a foot pedal, the key product efficiency is improved, and 5000-6000 keys with 6 holes can be finished in 8 hours.
    With our self-developed online marking system, when processing a key, use another machine to engrave a corresponding serial number or export the corresponding barcode and then directly read the barcode with an optical scanner to process the key.
    By replacing the software and clamps, the key machine can do different types of jobs.

★ Electro-mechanically integrated structure.
★ The controller uses a 32 bit RISC chipset.


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