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Plasma Cutting Machines

PreciCut series plasma cutting machine

Type: PK 1530Y

Woodpecker PreciCut series plasma cutting machine is a new model for  medium metal plate cutting, released in 2010 by ROC-MESE after years of development. With dual Y-axis, linear guide, servo motor, and the latest Woodpecker industrial plasma control system, it runs fast, precise and stable. It is equipped with the USA Hypertherm POWERMAX series power supply, high sensitivity cutting torch anti-collision system and automatic cutting torch height control system (ATHC). It’s easy to cut different thicknesses of metal.

Conforming to other series machines, it also adopts an unique ventilation design and replaceable cutting table and a sliding drawer for holding debris. It has an USB disk update function. New updating files can be downloaded from our official website (only for registered end users). Customers can have the latest version without replacing the main board.

★ High speed ★ High precision ★ Smooth ★ ATHC ★ Torch anti-collision


Technical Parameters

Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by ROC-MESE.

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